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Do you know how I found my place in the world?

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

The aesthetics exceed me, I admit it, and I have gone through several stages, and from when I was in front of the camera until now, when I am behind it, many clicks, reels, and many years have passed.

I started with photos that looked like fairy tales; It was like playing to invent colorful and glamorous worlds and fictional characters (although I confess that for me, they were true)

I took many, seriously, many photos. But they stayed in the drawer because I didn't know exactly how to sell all that magical world that I had trapped in my head.

I started to get frustrated.

Until one day, by luck or destiny, Someone asked me to take photos of plates of food, and I said: YES, This is going to be easy! Jump for joy.

And you know what?

It wasn't a single drop, NOTHING!

I began to investigate and prepare myself professionally. It was then that I decided to bring my magic to the table.

I fell deeply in love with this world related to the table: with the art of eating, the blessing of enjoying, celebrating, sharing, and that is When searching the trunk of our memories, where do they take us?

In my case, at my grandmother's table where everything happened in the kitchen around saucers, embroidered tablecloths, huge crockery, and wine glasses of all kinds. In addition to countless guests, or not!

At that moment, I understood the magic. And Lola Green Food Photography was born.

PS: I'm even learning to cook.


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